Our Successful Paradigm


Our Profile, Business Values & Commitment

Shoal Water Boats of Florida, based in Port Canaveral, is an independent US dealer/distributor of Shoalwater Cats. We have been creating happy customers for over 30 years now in the Texas area and are committed to creating more in the years to come. Please note that we also do serve customers nationwide.

We have a competitive edge in small scale refined boating operations and look into meeting customer requirements with the minutest attention to detail in boat requirements.


Our Core Business Values

  • Personable 
  • Value integrity  & honesty
  • Very reliable 
  • Extremely professional


Successful Business

We have successfully run our business for the last 30 years, with a primary focus on the following aspects.

  • Customized Builds
  • Commitment to meet customer requirements
  • Quality customer service 
  • Business with repeat clients

We cater to a wide range of Shoalwater Cats. Please click on the button below to explore our range of Boats.